Dealership Sales Tools

DST Dealership Sales Tools is a browser-based dealer management software (DMS) for retail used car dealerships providing unlimited users and locations for $1 per deal. Manage inventory and prospects, desk retail installment, cash, wholesale, and lease deals, e-sign and digitally vault contracts, attain funding and upload deals to finance companies, and much more in a cutting-edge DMS offering modern mobility and transaction-based pricing. DST DMS offers the best features and best price in the industry for independent dealerships.

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Simple, intuitive, inventory management

  • Quickly and easily add inventory
  • Take and upload pictures using your mobile phone or tablet
  • Syndicate inventory to your website and third-party classifieds

Credit App

Provide a fully online car shopping experience

  • Hosted Credit App alleviates manual entry, automatically scores prospect, and retrieves pre-qualification
  • Integrated with cyclCRM for complete lifecycle management and automated marketing
  • Automated car shopping sends personalized text and curated list of pre-approved vehicles to browse


Booking a deal has never been so simple

  • Handle wholesale, cash, retail installment, lease, and rentals
  • Electronically sign and store contracts
  • The most cost-efficient platform for used car dealerships to connect to a variety of auto lenders


Fully customizable, complete, and everything you need.

  • Laser Forms
  • Exceptional reporting, plus ability to extract all data
  • User defined dashboards


We don’t charge by the seat. Our pricing is based on usage, not the size of your team.

  • We don’t charge by the seat or rooftop. Our pricing is based on transactions, not the size of your team.
  • Preload funds into your account
  • Integrations offered at no extra charge. You are responsible for any fees charged directly by the vendor.