Capsa is the most cost-efficient platform for used car dealerships to connect to auto lenders in real-time with automated decisioning and secure data transmission. Capsa provides preapprovals and instant funding for point of sale, seasoned, or portfolio purchases, floorplans, and consumer loans, enabling lenders to fund deals in real-time. For sellers (dealers), Capsa takes the consumer's credit app, or complete deal information from the integrated DMS, and broadcasts it to buyers (lenders). Within Capsa, the seller can view multiple buyers' terms in one place. Conversely, the buyer can view deals from sellers that meet its lending criteria, and can accept the deal, modify terms, or reject the deal entirely. When a deal is accepted, Capsa securely transfers all information, including electronic documents and stips stored in their Digital Document Vault, from the seller's DMS to the buyer's LMS. Capsa works as one with the DMS and LMS to enhance operations and eliminate friction in the customer experience, providing users incredible performance improvements.

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Jonathan Hedy, President