CAR Financial Services, Inc. (“CAR”) services both independent automotive dealers and automotive sub-prime financial organizations. CAR has a national geographic footprint, as we can operate in 47 States and we continually evolve our programs to meet the ever-changing needs of those we serve. Our strengths lie with our experienced and professional employees, our dedication to technology and a tradition of over 25 years of quality service. CAR can help you survive every economic cycle by customizing a purchase/service program that meets your needs while providing quality service through a single dealer point of contact.

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Justin Bannister
Director of Centralized Operations

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Bulk Purchase Program

With only a small amount of information, CAR can provide dealers with a proposal to purchase all or part of their automotive receivables or lease receivable portfolio.

Payment Interval Purchase Program

This program allows for dealers to retain the long term ownership of their accounts while still leveraging them to generate the capital they need today.

Floor plan

CAR Financial can provide a dealer with Floor Plan availability that they can use at auctions around the country to help keep inventory at optimum levels.