Agora has reinvented auto finance for BHPH dealers and subprime auto lenders. Agora offers a new industry-changing funding channel that provides all the cash BHPH dealers need to grow their portfolio. All backed by Agora’s predictive loan technology, BHPH dealers can also foresee loan performance and identify areas of risk to generate incredible returns and manage portfolio risk.

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Shelly Vandeven
SVP – Marketing

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Gain access to a new industry-changing, lower cost funding channel that was not previously available to BHPH dealers. Cash is no longer limited. AgoraCapital allows you to dream big and have the freedom to grow your business and revenue.


Convert your loans to cash with access to a network of reputable buyers looking to purchase loans.


Powered by artificial intelligence, AgoraInsights is an advanced analysis tool that empowers BHPH dealers to know the true value of their portfolio, to the loan level. It also highlights areas of risk such as potential loan defaults and helps identify the best repeat customers.