The QuotePro cashiering kiosk is a turn-key solution that serves as your new cashier that accepts cash, make change and also accept credit cards, debit cards, and checks. Each payment is posted to your DMS and receipts are issued, both paper and via email. Provisional cash services will deliver a daily ACH for your previous days payments while also funding the change tendered to your customer. Armored courier is included so that nobody at your dealership will ever touch cash again. What’s more, you will realize efficiencies upstream when your accounting department sees each and every payment posted correctly with every penny making it to the bank. Let us provide a demo and you will see why the best businesses in BHPH use QuotePro Kiosks

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Accepts Cash & Makes Change

Seamless DMS & processor integrations provides real-time payment posting

Provisional Cash Services

Provisional Cash Services deliver a daily ACH of the previous day’s payments and includes armored courier so that nobody touches cash again