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GoldStar™ is the leading GPS solution, empowering subprime auto dealers and lenders with insightful analytics that simplify financing, reduce risk, and increase profits. With options that scale to the needs of businesses of any size, GoldStar delivers predictive insights that facilitate reference verification, vehicle location, payment collection, easy recovery recourse, allowing customers to stay connected and communicate more effectively with their end consumers. GoldStar also offers GoldStar Connect, a mobile app for car buyers, that provides dealers and lenders the opportunity to drive incremental profits.

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Reference Genie™

Reference Genie™ automatically collects and analyzes home and work address data to eliminate the need for manual validations.

Location Genie™

Location Genie™ collects historical location data to predict the best day, time, and location to recover vehicles or payments.

Impound Lot Alerts

GoldStar’s national database of more than 10,300 impound lots gives you optics on your stranded assets before fees become unmanageable by sending an alert when a vehicle enters an impound lot.