AFS Dealers, LLC is a web-based Buy Here Pay Here/ Lease Here Pay Here DMS, as well as Dealer Controlled Financing consulting and training. Solutions provides real-time information to multi-unit and single dealership owners, managers, or lenders. It has integrated an Inventory Control Center module, Collections (text, robo calls, email) module, Related Finance Company, and accounting module to name a few. The training and consulting is a real-world relationship approach with the customer that is complimented by Solutions. The consultants have managed, operated and owned 470+ dealerships.

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Bill Elizondo
Chief Operating Officer

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Consulting / teaching and training

Proven, successful consulting and training. Collections, Sales, Operations, Inventory management.

Service Management

A money saving System that can either stand alone or be completely integrated into Solutions Software.


Top vendor integrations inside the DMS with full flexibility and use within the Solutions.