Facebook Marketing: 10 Best Practices to Drive Leads and Sales

This Facebook Marketing Webinar is presented by the Florida Independent Automobile Dealers Association and posted on the FIADA’s YouTube page.

Kathi Kruse spoke at FIADA’s 2013 FIADA Annual Convention.  She presents the latest techniques to make Facebook a cornerstone in your dealership marketing strategy.

“Social Media doesn’t sell cars” just doesn’t cut it anymore. The misconceptions about Facebook’s marketing value are old news. Facebook is a major player in dealership marketing and advertising: so what’s your next move?

Success is more than just putting up a page and posting a few updates. A plan with specific strategies—including personnel and budget—is what it takes.

When your goal is to attract fans and convert them into customers, 30-year car business veteran & Social Media marketing expert Kathi Kruse shows you how. She shares proven ways to help you and your store maximize the full potential of Facebook. Her insider secrets build loyal followings, reach more prospects and close more sales.

What You’ll Learn:
-Next-level techniques to grow your Facebook likes.
-Facebook marketing tactics that get results for dealers like you.
-How to generate Facebook leads and convert them into appointments.
-Powerful content strategies that engage your ideal customer.
-Listen, engage and respond: Why that matters and how to do it.

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