Listening to Your Needs, and the Community’s

Our sole purpose is to serve you. Simply put, we believe you have been underserved for too long. Life is difficult enough; finding success in the used-car and subprime automotive industries should not be. That’s why we built – to provide valuable industry news and information to the industry professional at no cost.

Philanthropy is at our core because we hope to leave the world better off than we found it. Therefore, we donate a portion of our revenues and time to helping others.


Continuous Improvement through Innovation & Feedback

Your needs change over time; we promise to remain nimble and poised for whatever challenge or opportunity that lies ahead.

We may not be the largest publication in the subprime automotive industry, but we strive to be the best. There is no stagnation, only innovation with a forward-looking lens. As your needs evolve, so will we, and we enjoy the challenge because the line between work and love has long faded. Please continue to share with us feedback and ways to improve.


Leading the Industry Since 1983

Our experience helps you, and empowers you.

We have provided software solutions to the car business for over 30 years. The knowledge and understanding gained over that time is priceless, and we have both helped shape the industry and watched it evolve. Our initiatives have always been industry-focused, as we have established standards and increased transparency in a complex marketplace. But most important is the stability and trust we have gained; we will be here tomorrow to serve you.


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